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MaPP is a tool which can create simply and smartly the screen shot used when applying for an iPhone application to AppStore.
Since the template is decided beforehand, a screen shot can be easily created only by specifying a text and a picture to embed.
The picture to embed can specify the screen shot photographed with the system of iPhone, and the screen shot photographed by the iPhone simulator.
First of all, please look at a sample picture from "Select template".
A template will be chosen if there is a pleasing sample, and it clicks "I will decide on this template." of the upper part.
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MaPP Correspondence browser : version 9 or more version Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and the browser corresponding to CSS3.
Browser under use :
Update Information
2012/08/27 The template for iPad was created.
2012/08/20 The MaPP Beta version was released.
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